Every Drive Is A Roadtrip!

If your car rides with children are anything like mine, then you know how big a mission it can be. As you put the infant in the car, the toddler is running towards the street, and it doesn’t stop there! Searching through the diaper bag to find what you need can take too long when you’re running late and the baby is crying.  WHOOPS! Looks like you forgot that thing that you need right at this moment. It happens a lot, and as a nanny I know that being prepared is the best policy. I myself have two of these storage bags in my car. One on either side! I keep them stocked with items that can be kept in the car. That way I’m not packing a full bag everytime, and that saves me precious time (That is usually spent getting the kids ready). Keep it stocked with nail clippers, Spare clothes, pacifier, and other emergency items! Remember that baby wipes will evaporate if left in a hot car (I know, shocking).  It’s also handy to be able to keep bottles and drinks cold and easy to reach!


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